Singlet Supporters

Thank you to the following businesses and people who are supporting the Lightning through our ‘Be The Fabric of the Lightning – Put Your Name on the Singlet’ initiative for the 2019/20 season.

Kim Kitchen – Zak Transport Carol Philps
Charlotte Kaipara My Budget
Jasmine Yelegin Helen Buvinic
Samantha Wilkinson HR Consulting State Technics
KJK Legal Rebecca Cowling
LBW co Ben McDonald
Impressive Homes James Kemperman
Derrilee and Mark Yaeger Justin Hanson MLC
Blackforrest Consulting Stewart Kingsborough
Vanessa Kingsborough Greg Clothier
Welsh Wizard Bruce Spangler
Carol Spangler Sturt Sabres
Lily Blue Communications Bluestone Accounting
Corinne Maiolo Amelia Darby
Steve Dunn Sylvie Ochota
Basketball Barossa Sullivan Consulting
Woodville Warriors Sherrie Session – 4wardmvmt
Kids in Adelaide Solutions to Spec
Eastern Mavericks