April 22, 2021 | Adelaide Lightning news

Day two of the Adelaide Lightning’s second all-girls camp focused on skills both on and off court which will boost the confidence of the girls attending.

Today’s Lightning camp incorporated some key skills that would also be useful for non-basketball related situations as the confidence of the camp attendees continues to grow.

Hunter 11 and Bethany, Georgia, Eliza, Nala all 10, all shared about what they see as the purpose of what the Adelaide Lightning are teaching during the camp.

“It shows all girls have a voice and can use it and that we have voices to use as well, it not only will help us on court but in everyday life and help us become who we are going to be and help us to get there. It gives us the skills to make more friends and it’s a good change from just doing basketball,” the group of girls shared with us.

The reflection on these skills is an important part of the Adelaide Lightning’s approach to these camps as the sport evolves in looking after incoming participants on and off court.

Tully 11, Jade 10, Lexi, Laylah, Remi all 9 can see clearly how these will all benefit them personally.

“It helps us stand up to other people when we need to like when someone tough comes along you can stand up for yourself, helps with our teamwork, teaches us not to bully people when they fall down and if you can’t see other people that you need to, you can call out to them in a way that gets their attention or if someone starts bullying you, you can say no to them in a way that shows your standing up for yourself,” our girls summarised about the key skills they learnt on day two.

Clearly a theme of skilling up our next generation of female basketball players is starting early and Adelaide Lightning is leading the way in melding the education of basketball and life together on day two of the three-day camp here in Adelaide.


Tristan Prentice