Pivoting different direction on Day Two

July 6, 2021 | Adelaide Lightning news

It’s Day 2 of our July School Holiday Training Camp! Let’s hear from some of our future Lightning superstars at the halfway mark of the camp…

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Today our Lightning camp has skilled up our future Lightning superstars with some more advanced techniques in basketball, including one most of our girls highlighted in pivoting moves with the ball in hand. For Kelly, Charlie and Audrey all 9 and Anastacia 10, it was a “lightning” bulb moment in the skill development.

“I didn’t know you could pivot in four different ways,” they all shared about their day two camp experiences.

Still the basics of basketball were being mastered even for 5-year-old Morgan who wants to get better at her game,

“I learnt how to bounce the ball better, work on my left-hand dribbling and look up from my dribble.”

Amelia and Amaya 12 and Marley 13 identified that the camp was a great opportunity to learn new things and a great thing to do in school holidays. They also pointed out how great the coaching has been,

“We like Tim as he’s a really good coach teaching about new lay-ups and shot techniques, Abby corrects you on things you’re not quite doing right in a relatable way and Teige encourages you to improve and works at involving you more”.

It’s so great to hear from our participants and can’t wait to hear from more of them on the final day of camp tomorrow…