Rd 13 – Lightning vs Capitals Match Report

January 30, 2024 | Adelaide Lightning news

As superstar Steph Talbot makes her way back onto the court and 30-years of Adelaide Lightning being celebrated on Sunday, one of the first games of Period Poverty round saw the Lightning take on the UC Capitals at home. With multiple celebrations underway at the Adelaide 36ers Arena, the fans, players, and past players were ready for a memorable game on home soil.R


Hitting some tough shots throughout the first half was Alex Sharp. Displaying consistency from beyond the arch, Sharp could not miss. Finishing the half with 17-points, she was the spark the Capitals used in the opening half of the game. Using great patience on the offensive end, the Capitals used the shot clock efficiently. Focusing on ‘mid pick and rolls’ and hard attack through the middle of the key, their quick start set the tone for the rest of the game.

Starting with some early turnovers and the ball not dropping to begin, Jocellyn Willoughby got the Lightning started with a massive three pointer. With both teams playing a similar style of basketball, the Lightning also capitalised on using ‘pick and roll’ actions when getting to the basket. As Steph Talbout made her way onto the court, the fans and players cheered as the legend took her spot on the court after a long recovery for her ACL injury. Using this new intensity brought by Talbot, the Lightning worked hard toward the lead.


To start the second half, the Capitals precision and decision making had dropped slightly. From the attention to detail displayed earlier, some crucial turnovers and unlucky passes led to Lightning getting some easy scores. After a quick timeout called by coach, Kirsten Veal, the Capitals got back on track. Continuing to work with ‘pick and roll’ action, Jade Melbourne and Gemma Potter put up some much needed scores for the Capitals. Young gun Jade Melbourne worked efficiently when on the court. So close to a double – double, Melbourne finished the game with 9-points and 11- assists while Potter finished with strong 13-points.

With a focus around defensive intensity, the Lightning brought the pressure fresh out of the break. Working hard to create stops and convert on the offensive end, the Lightning line-up had some impressive stats to finish. Beginning with guards, Lauren Mansfield and Jocellyn Willoughby combined for a huge 38-points. Attacking the basket hard and finishing some tough plays, Willoughby and Mansfield began the Lightning’s run in the second half. In her first game back, Steph Talbot’s presence on the court was hard to miss. Working tirelessly on both ends, Talbot finished with a huge 14-points and 7-rebounds. Having a career high, Brianna Turner had an impressive double-double consisting of 16-points and 11-rebounds, leading the Lightning to a convincing victory over the Capitals.




Talking to Adelaide Lightning coach Nat Hurst after the game, her thoughts were very positive. Nat explains that their push in the second half came from defensive intensity. Working effectively as a team and keeping each other positive were what led them to their second win in a row.

“The energy in the change room was a different feeling today. We felt good before the game”. Nat says that from the get – go, whether it be from the excitement that Talbot’s back, the girls kept the energy going from the start.


Catching up with UC Capitals coach Kirsten Veal and star player Alex Sharp afterwards, Kirsten explains their struggles in the second half of the game. Kirsten states that the Capitals didn’t stick to what was working for them and struggled to get things to work after the Lightning made some adjustments.

Talking to Alex Sharp about the change from the first half to the second half, she states: “I believe it was a lack of focus. In the upcoming games I think we need to make a conscious effort to make these adjustments that are laid out in front of us”.

For the Lightning fans, our next game is on the 17th of February at home. After a short three week FIBA break, the Lightning will be back on home soil, ready to take on the Melbourne Boomers. Be sure to grab your tickets and support the Lightning on their way to another win.