Rd 3 – Lightning vs Flyers Match Report

November 20, 2023 | Adelaide Lightning news

For Adelaide Lightnings second home game of the WNBL season, fans and players were ready for a big game against the Southside Flyers. With huge line ups and big names for both teams, viewers were in for some entertainment.


Going score for score, both the Lightning and the Flyers were creating some great looks at both ends of the court.  Brianna Turner started the game with a huge block in the first twenty seconds, setting the tone for Lightnings defence for the rest of the game. Using the same offense, Maddison Rocci created and dropped the first two points for the Southside Flyers. This back and forth was the trend for the first quarter and made for some exciting highlights.

In the second, the Lightning began pulling away with the lead. Isobel Borlase finished the half with an impressive
19-points, 5-rebounds, and 3-assists. Complimenting Borlase’s efforts, was some great defensive intensity from Lauren Mansfield and Brianna Turner. Mansfield collecting 3-steals and Turner collecting 5, the Lightning took control of the game. From this defensive lift, the Lightning began the push in transition offence, resulting in multiple easy buckets at their scoring end.

Adjusting, the Flyers worked through the Lightning’s defence and found some great looks at the basket. Unfortunately though, for the majority of the game, the Flyers could not get the ball to drop. Fantastic off-ball movement and the use of back cuts created opportunities for the Flyers as well as some fancy mid-range shots performed by Mercedes Russell. Her effort in the first half was hard to miss and she was on her way to a double-double. Even with the Flyers lack of finishing, they were not far behind the Lightning, going into the half chasing only 13-points.



Coming out of the change rooms, both teams were ready to clean up their errors and take on the final half of the game.

The Flyers came out firing, closing the gap to only single digits. Their defence and finishing at the ring brought them back into the game. Maddison Rocci worked hard at the offensive end keeping the ball movement flowing, finishing the game with 5-assists and 7-points. Alongside Rocci’s efforts, Mercedes Russell continued playing at a high standard and finished the game with a massive double-double of 14-points and 17-rebounds.

After the Flyers big push at the beginning of the fourth quarter, the Lightning dug deep to push out the lead once more. Their defensive intensity was a significant factor and although it led to some foul trouble, building their tally of stops and working hard to give no second-chance points, the Lightning comfortably secured the game. Isobel Borlase was the standout of the game, with 25-points, 6-rebounds, and 3-assists, she has a big future a head of her. Also impressive was Lauren Mansfield and Isabelle Bourne with 12-points each and Brianna Turner was once again big on the boards, with 16-rebounds to her name.

Overall, this game was a thriller. For the home team, the Lightning put on a show for their fans against a very tough Flyers squad whose efforts were seen and felt throughout the whole game.