Rd 5 – Fire vs Lightning Match Report

November 30, 2023 | Adelaide Lightning news

In another head-to-head match for the Adelaide Lightning and the Townsville Fire, spectators were in for one of the most exciting games seen in the 2023 WNBL season. With the Lightning hunting a win after their tough loss against the Fire last Thursday, both teams were ready for battle.


Creating a 7 – 0 run in the first quarter, the Lightning came out with force. Focusing on hard defence and fast transition, the Lightning were able to create stops and convert them into scoring opportunities. With good ball and player movement, the Lightning were ready from the get-go. Isobel Borlase and Jocelyn Willoughby worked hard on both ends of the floor, creating havoc in defence and hitting tough shots over some tall and aggressive opposition. The Lightning forged a ten-point lead early in the first quarter with smart offence and a great focus around individual matchups.

Even with Lightning’s flying start, the Fire were never far behind. They eventually honed in on the ten-point gap, reducing it to just four going into the quarter time break. Zitina Aokuso continued the Fire’s lift with score after score from hard attacks to the basket and tough finishes. Aokuso’s scoring sparked the Fire’s defence, creating some much-needed stops.

At the end of the second the Fire had taken the lead from the Lightning going into the change rooms 8 points ahead.


The start of the third saw both teams hungry for the ball. Great defensive pressure from both sides, filled the second half with a lot of back-and-forth basketball.

The precise use of ‘pick and roll’ and quick transition created scoring opportunities for the Lightning. Their ball movement and cutting towards the basket after a set ‘pick and roll’ or offensive structure led to some fantastic highlights and greatly executed basketball. Lauren Mansfield took control of these offences in the third, creating some great looks for herself and her teammates, finishing the game with fifteen-points and three-assists. With some clutch shots, Borlase and Willoughby continued to have a big effect on the scoreboard. Willoughby finishing with eleven-points and Borlase top scoring for Lightning with eighteen-points. On the defensive end, the Lightning worked hard to create stops, evidently seen in Brianna Turners numbers, clocking up seventeen-rebounds and three-blocks.

Despite the big stats listed above, the Fire stayed strong. Creating some important stops and big rebounds, Mikaela Ruef once again played a huge role in the Fires intensity. With a double-double to her name, Ruef had thirteen-points and nineteen-rebounds. Zitina Aokuso continued her run from the first half, working hard in the paint, she finished the game with twenty-three-points. The Fire’s, Sami Whitcomb led their defence with a huge eight-steals, converting them into scores and finishing the game with thirteen-points. The Fire got the job done, winning the game by a narrow six-points.

For the Lightning fans, our next game takes place at home on the 2nd of December at 7:00pm against the Bendigo Spirit. After an extremely close loss to the reigning champs, Lightning will be up and firing, hunting their next win at home. Be sure to grab your tickets and support your team!