Rd 6 – Lightning vs Flames Match Report

December 7, 2023 | Adelaide Lightning news

With back-to-back home games, fans, friends, and family were ready for a tough match against the Sydney Flames. Sitting closely together on the ladder, it was sure to go either way.


The majority of this game was score for score. Neither team made a significant gap on the scoreboard with most offences resulting in scores. This was most frequent in the first half, with all players attacking the basket and creating good looks.

Within the Lightnings offensive structure, Borlase and Turner had great intensity and intent when going downhill. With some tough finishes, the Lightning became very effective on the scoreboard. Along with their very effective ball movement in offence, their rotation and match ups in defence were fantastic as well. As the second-best defensive team in the league, the first half made it evident why the Lightning hold ranking.

Even with Lightnings defensive pressure, the Flames remained patient in offence and let the ball do the work. Using multiple late shot clock options, the Flames got some great looks in the paint and used ‘pick and roll’ action for a lot of their offence. Bringing the energy early was Tess Magen who hit some tough threes and an and-one early in the second. From Magen’s energy, the Flames went into the halftime break with a two-point lead.


In the second half, Lightning continued their attacks on the basket and worked hard in defence. Lightning’s starting five became somewhat cautious of their positioning in defence after a cluster of foul calls. To their credit, they played through this. Quick decisions offensively and effective ball movement, lead to some much-needed scores and an even ball game resulted. With some big plays from Tayla Brazel, the Lightnings intensity lifted once again near the end of the fourth, leading to a very tight finish.

In the dying minutes of the game, the Flames stood strong. Cayla George delivered some massive blocks, keeping their defensive pressure high. Offensively, Lauren Nicholson made a huge difference in the second half hitting some crucial three’s and creating effective ‘pick and roll’ actions. Tess Madgen also took control, using patience to run down the shot clock and keep the Flames in front.

In a close back and forth game, the Flames took the win by a very narrow two-points. Both teams worked tirelessly all game and certainly put on a show of outstanding basketball for all spectators.



After the game, the Lightning media team got the opportunity to speak to Sydney Flames coach, Shane Heal and player Lauren Nicholson around their thoughts on the game.

“We’re clearly a work in progress, I think getting the win was really important for us while we are still trying to figure things out”. Overall, Shane was happy with the way the Flames fought till the very end and did well to continue playing even when things got tough.

Following Shanes comments, Lauren Nicholson talked about how it felt to be a player in these close matches. Nicholson states, “I think we did a great job to stay poised and get a couple of decent looks. In future we definitely have to be better at both ends of the floor but overall, it was a gritty win”.


Talking to Adelaide Lightning coach Nat Hurst and player Tayla Brazel, with a tough loss, Nat talks about the Syndey Flames defence and how the Lightnings young team is working and getting crucial learning minutes throughout these games. “They clogged the key on us tonight and over helped a little bit, but our cutting tonight was great, we were finding the open cutters. Overall, I was really happy with the crucial minutes our young stars were getting”.

As a one of those younger up-and-coming players, Tayla Brazel talks about the tough competition and her thoughts on the Lightnings mentality. “It’s always tough when the ball isn’t in your hand, but I think we are a really smart group, and we always look to the next play. We switch to defence automatically and we’ve got to get the next stop and go again”.

For the Adelaide Lightning fans, our next game is on the 10th of December against the Perth Lynx. Make sure to grab your tickets for our final home game before they are up and away again. Meet us at the Adelaide 36ers Arena ready for a 3pm tip off.