Rd 6 – Lightning vs Lynx Match Report

December 11, 2023 | Adelaide Lightning news

In the last game of Adelaide Lightnings triple header at home, the Adelaide crowd were ready for a big game against the Perth Lynx.


Beginning the game strong, Jocelyn Willoughby led the lightning with some huge efforts in offence. Hitting tough shots and playing with a high IQ, Willoughby got the Lightning started in the first half. On the defensive end, Brianna Turner and Isabelle Bourne created havoc with some huge defensive efforts and big blocks to keep the intensity going. As always, the Lightnings ball movement and paint touches are what created some great offensive looks and led to Lightnings big push in the opening half.

In the first, the Lynx had a very slow start. With some crucial turnovers and execution errors, the Lynx had some work to do. Although, there were many standout efforts seen throughout the Lynx’s lineup, beginning with Anneli Maley on the defensive end. Hustling and working hard to create stops, the Lynx began converting these stops into scoring opportunities. As their intensity continued to lift in the last three minutes of the half, the Lynx had brought the lead back to a twenty – point difference.


Coming out of the break, the Lynx were up and firing right from the get-go. With Aari McDonald taking the lead on the scoring end, the Lynx had made the margin a narrow eight – points at the five-minute mark of the third quarter. Keeping the defensive intensity going, Amy Atwell had two massive blocks in the second half, leaving Lightning with some really tough shots to make. As their passing and execution on offence got better, the Lynx were on a role. Going into the fourth, the Lynx continued their push, taking the lead for the first time all game.

The Lightning continued to execute and create some fantastic basketball throughout. With some early foul trouble in the fourth quarter, Lightning had to be smart with the way they defended and create scoring opportunities. At the two-minute thirty-second mark in the final term, scores were even. Even after some massive threes from Isabelle Bourne and Brianna Turner, the Lynx continued to attack. After lots of back-and-forth scoring, the final quarter finished with an even ball game and an overtime to play.

In overtime, both teams continued to score some tough shots in the dying minutes of play. Lightning players Lauren Mansfield and Isobel Borlase had two important threes in this extra time but just wasn’t enough to get them over the line. Aari McDonald and Anneli Maley continuing their work on both ends, allowing the Lynx to steal the win with by a small three-point difference.



Speaking to Perth Lynx coach Ryan Petrik, he states that it felt like his team was running through mud in the first half. “We just allowed them whatever they wanted in the first half”, Petrik explains. After some changes to his exes and o’s on the court, he was really happy with the way the Lynx came out of the half time break.

“Keep looking for the next play, next action, and we will be alright”. Petriks advice during the timeout before overtime began. He was confident his team could pull through to the end and trusted whatever process the players thought needed to happen to get the win.


Talking to Nat Hurst after another really close loss, we asked for her initial thoughts to begin the press conference. Nat states that these games are wearing her team and staff members down a bit and explains that every game they are always so close.

“The thing is everyone shows up everyday and we continue trying to get better, so I can’t ever fault the effort displayed by the girls and their ability to pick themselves up off the ground every single time I ask them too”.

While being so close to wins every single week, Nat can’t fault the effort at every training and is proud of the way her team responds week in and week out. Nat trusts that the Lightning will get over the line very soon and can get on a run in the weeks to come.

For the Lightning fans, our next game is played away on the 15th of December. Streamed on 9NOW, be sure to follow the squad as they chase a victory over the Bendigo Spirit.