Rd 9 – Lightning vs Flyers Match Report

January 1, 2024 | Adelaide Lightning news

Playing in front of one of Adelaide Lightnings biggest crowds since 2018, an awesome atmosphere and excited fans were ready for a big game against the Southside Flyers.


Starting strong as always, the Lightning were on a roll. Creating some great looks at the basket from effective ball movement and attention to detail, the Lightning displayed some fancy game play. On the defensive end, Brianna Turners efforts were hard to miss. With some huge deflections and a big presence in the backline of Lightnings defence, Turner created some much-needed stops. Using this intensity, Jocellyn Willoughby pushed the ball in offence. Taking on some tough defence, Willoughby made some big shots from outside the paint as well as attacking the basket hard.

Matching Lightnings intensity, the Flyers created multiple paint touches and kickout opportunities. With outside shots not dropping early, the Flyers did well to stay composed and get good looks closer to the basket. Using their height and length, Carly Ernst and Nyadiew Puoch hit some tough shots, lifting the Flyers offensive end heading into the halftime break. After a few threes dropping and some important stops created in defensive, the Flyers had won the lead back, in front by one point.


Becoming a bit stagnant in offence, the Lightning had some crucial turnovers that lead to some quick scores for the Flyers. Even with this new intensity brought by the Flyers, the Lightning continued to work hard. Jocellyn Willoughby’s efforts were seen evidently on the offensive end, putting up a huge 25-points, continuing to attack when the ball came to a stop. On the defensive end, Brianna Turner had a massive influence on the Flyers decision making. Creating deflections, blocks, and grabbing important rebounds, Turner kept the Lightning in the game. Unfortunately, in the beginning of the third quarter, Turner got her fourth foul, which left a large hole in the Lightnings defence. With height and size now being a problem, the Lightning had to fight hard till the very end.

Continuing their push, the Flyers stayed composed and made many smart reads. On fire, the Flyers could not miss from all areas and really pushed their small lead out. Cranking up their defence and causing havoc in the Lightnings offence, easy transition points allowed the Flyers to create a comfortable lead. With Mercedes Russel and Nyadiew Puoch on fire under the basket, the two combined for 35-points and 15-rebounds, having a significant impact on the end result. Lauren Jackson played with guts, nearly finishing with a double-double, LJ had 12-points and 9-rebounds, leading the Flyers to victory over the Lightning.



Talking to Southside Flyers coach Cheryl Chambers and player of the match, Nyadiew Puoch, conversation around their thoughts on the game and game plan were held after the game.

Cherly explains that their game plan was to be more aggressive, especially on the defensive end. Considering Lightning shot well, it was hard to play against, but Cheryl knew that if they sticked to the scout and performed their roles to the best of their ability, they would get over the line.

Nyadiew states, “it’s really hard to keep playing when a team will not miss a shot, but I think we did really well adjust, continue following the scout and keep pushing”.


Following on, Adelaide Lightning coach Nat Hurst and standout player Jocellyn Willoughby discussed the game and their thoughts on their game play.

Nat explains that even though there have been struggles to get over the line in games, she can not fault the effort and commitment displayed by her team. “They rock up week in and week out, never complain about trainings, put in 100%, and never fail to bring the energy”. Nat says she can feel a win coming soon and wants it for the girls and all their hard work.

For the Adelaide Lightning fans, our next game is on the 5th of January at HOME. Be sure to grab your tickets for our next clash against the Sydney Flames at the Adelaide 36ers Arena. Tip off is at 7:00pm so be ready to cheer loud and support your home team!