THINK! on the mind of Lightning

January 28, 2022 | Adelaide Lightning news

This weekend will see the Lightning focus on road safety and through wearing their yellow singlet, are encouraging everyone to also wear yellow as a reminder to THINK! Road Safety.

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The Adelaide Lightning will wear their yellow uniforms during their focus round this weekend and invite fans to wear yellow to the game to encourage everyone to THINK! Road Safety.

The truth is the statistics are alarming when it comes to road safety.  Last year 99 people lost their lives on South Australian roads and more than 800 were seriously injured. More than half of the lives lost occurred on rural roads.  Many Adelaide Lightning fans travel from country regions so raising awareness to all parts of the South Australian community is imperative to saving lives.

In 2021 preliminary data shows;

  • speed was a contributing factor in 37% of all fatal crashes.
  • Over a quarter of the vehicle occupants killed were not wearing and seatbelt
  • More than 1 in 5 drivers killed were drink or drug driving.

GM of Adelaide Lightning Tim Brenton sees the importance of the road safety messages and everything associated around it.

“As a professional sporting club, we have an opportunity to be impactful in what we highlight, we’ve seen that with the Pride and Indigenous rounds. The THINK! Road Safety message from our launch years ago still rings in my ears that everyone deserves to get home safely; Road Safety is right up there with what needs to be talked about.”

“Think! have been a major partner for us for several years and the message is more important than ever in what we are communicating to our basketball community. All basketballers are involved in road safety at many levels whether it be through public transport, driving or being a passenger, riding a bike or motorbike or walking to and from their games on a weekly basis, everyone deserves to get home safely.”

“Next time you are out on the road, please remember to the think about road safety.”

Fans will certainly not miss the bright yellow uniforms symbolising the THINK! Road Safety brand against the Canberra Capitals as they create a blur against the eastern based franchise and encourage all fans to wear yellow to also show their commitment to being safe on the roads.