A New Era for the Perth Lynx

June 13, 2024 | WNBL news

The WNBL is pleased to announce the transfer of the Perth Lynx WNBL License from Basketball Western Australia (BWA) to new holder Perth Lynx Basketball Pty Ltd.  

Over the past four seasons, BWA has held the Perth Lynx License and has been the only State Sporting Association in Australia operating a Women’s National Basketball League (WNBL) team. BWA has steered the Lynx through a journey marked by on-court success (three finals appearances in four seasons), increased membership, growing ticket sales, and enhanced sponsorship opportunities.  

Understanding the importance of keeping a strong WNBL team in WA, BWA has transferred the Licence to new Licence holder, Perth Lynx Basketball Pty Ltd, which is owned by Western Australian family and strong basketball supporters, Jodi Millhahn and Christian Hauff.  

Perth Lynx Basketball Pty Ltd will be provided management and operational support to operate the team by Sports Entertainment Network (SEN), providing the team with every opportunity for enhanced support and further growth. The Lynx name, colours and branding will all remain, and they’ll continue to play out of the Bendat Basketball Centre for the upcoming WNBL season.  

Head of WNBL Christy Collier-Hill says this is great for the league and the Lynx. 

“This is an exciting new chapter for the Perth Lynx, and basketball in WA. BWA have done a wonderful job of delivering the Lynx program over the past four years, and they therefore now move it on in a position that is primed for future growth and success.”