May 11, 2017 | WNBL news

The Bendigo Bank Spirit has congratulated Nayo Raincock-Ekunwe on her contract with French team Nantes Reze.

While training with WNBA Cub New York Liberty, Nantes announced the lucrative signing.

Spirit coach Simon Pritchard said the announcement was a great opportunity for the star center.

ÒNayoÕs game really developed while she was in Bendigo. Anyone who saw her play throughout the year knows how good she became,Ó he said.

ÒUnfortunately for Spirit fans, the French deal means she wonÕt be playing in Bendigo this year. While we would have loved to have her back at the Bendigo Stadium this year, the WNBL canÕt compete with the European leagues when it comes to opportunities.

ÒBut we were proud to help Nayo set up the opportunity and help her develop her game in Bendigo.

ÒThatÕs something we are really focused on. While winning championships is our obvious goal, we pride ourselves on making sure that every player who comes through our doors improves every day.

ÒWhether itÕs local regional Victorian players or international starts like Nayo, if you play at Bendigo, you will improve your game.Ó

Nayo praised Bendigo and Simon for helping her become the player she has. ÒI will never forget my time at Bendigo, and it taught me a new style of play,Ó she said.

ÒSimon added a lot more to my game and that has opened up a lot of doors in America and Europe.

ÒIf anyone is thinking of going to Bendigo I would highly recommend it, both professionally and personally.

ÒYou game will improve, your basketball knowledge will improve and your opportunities will improve.Ó

Photo: Akuna Photography