Is something special brewing for the Perth Lynx?

March 1, 2024 | WNBL news

Written by Darren Barker, Features Writer

Is something special brewing for the Perth Lynx?


Perth waited until the literal last game of the regular season to find out that they made it to the Playoffs. They claimed game 1 over the top dogs of the competition in Townsville, who’s to say they can’t go all the way?


Something is brewing. I’m not sure what, but it’s something.


Throwback to the start of the season, the Perth Lynx were an absolute flavour of the month. That team was clicking, they were a bundle of energy and to me, were definitely considered as a super early championship contender.


That team returned last night.


Now, they took a break from being that team, largely due to a significant injury to Aari McDonald who runs the show over there, but they may have returned at the perfect time.


It wouldn’t be sport without jumping the gun, but it’s a conversation to be had.


Is this the beginning of a special run for Perth?


We all know this Townsville team and franchise by now, this thing is far from over. There were moments in game 1 where the Fire flexed their muscle and so much so that it almost looked too much for Perth. But that’s what made the game such an elite contest, and that’s what will make game 2 the same.


As Amy Atwell said post game, “basketball is a game of momentum and it’s like, who can throw the next punch?”.


Speaking of Atwell, not many players have the amount of confidence she has in her shot. To me, it’s her biggest weapon and that much was proven once again in game 1. She’s a game changer.


Game 2 will be big. Even if Townsville take it, Perth know they can beat them now. That belief can go a very long way even if it is a tied up series come Sunday night.


Speaking of belief, Perth know they can be better.


Aari McDonald spoke about the amount of smoked “bunnies” she missed, Atwell addressed her side missing 6 free throws down the stretch, it’s not like it was a flawless game that got the Lynx the win.


The same can be said for Townsville.


To add fuel to the fire, so to speak, Atwell touched on recent history between the teams even if only a couple of Lynx members returned from last season.


“We’re a completely different team so kind of, don’t look back too much but obviously it is in the back of my mind like, they’re (Townsville) the ones that ended our season last year.”


With all of that being said, expect Townsville to bounce back.


Game 2 will be fun.



Written by Darren Barker.


Game 2 of the series: PERTH LYNX V TOWNSVILLE FIRE | SUN 3 MAR, 12:30pm (AWST) at Bendat Basketball Centre. Tickets can be purchased here.


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