October 31, 2018 | WNBL news


The Australian Basketballers’ Association (ABA) and the Chemist Warehouse Women’s National Basketball League (WNBL) today announced the establishment of the WNBL’s first Parental and Pregnancy Care Policy.

The Policy follows the introduction of the Minimum Player Conditions Agreement, reached between the ABA, the Chemist Warehouse Women’s National Basketball League and Basketball Australia in November 2017, and ensures players receive industry-standard conditions.

As a result of the Policy’s introduction, female basketballers in the national league will have access to the full provision of a qualified carer or player elected support personnel for all away trips.

The Policy also provides additional care and financial support for mothers with children up to four years old for away trips, with additional support costs provided in addition to a players’ other salary and entitlements.

Jacob Holmes, CEO of the Players Association, welcomed the introduction of the Policy, which came into effect in Round 1 of the WNBL season;

“The Policy represents a crucial step forward in ensuring improved player conditions within the WNBL and gives our players a chance to succeed at the highest level. This is a basic right for our players and vital to the professionalism of the league.

“Our aim was to work closely with the players, league, and Clubs to introduce this for the 2018/19 season, following the introduction of Minimum Standards, including inaugural minimum wage for the WNBL last November, so we are very pleased with its implementation.”

Rachel Jarry, current player for the Jayco Rangers and Player’s Association WNBL President, said it represented another important step in creating a sustainable and foundational competition for current and future players.

“As elite athletes, we want to be able to perform at our best at all times, but also feel supported on and off the court. We can now make choices for our families, without the uncertainty over our playing contracts and know that the player’s association and league provide players with their full support.”

Head of the Chemist Warehouse WNBL, Sally Phillips was also thrilled with the introduction of the policy.

“It’s another fantastic step in the right direction as we continue to strive to provide WNBL athletes with improved conditions,” Phillips said. “I am thrilled that all key WNBL stakeholders have been able to come together and recognise the importance around the introduction of this policy.

“I look forward to continuing to work closely with the Players Association and WNBL clubs as we all continue take positive strides forward in providing our players with the opportunity to become fully professional athletes.”

About the Australian Basketballers’ Association
The ABA was formed in October 2016 by CEO Jacob Holmes from the foundations of the NBLPA and WNBLPA. The ABA’s objective is to grow the game and the players’ position as genuine partners in shaping the future of Australian Basketball.

The Players Association Board is composed of prominent past players and industry experts in administration and finance, including Chairman Greg O’Neill, Deputy Chairman Mark Cowan, Director Andrew Bogut, Directors Dave Andersen, Laura Hodges and Bert Bargeus and CEO Jacob Holmes.

Since its establishment, the ABA has been instrumental in securing minimum wages for basketballers playing in our National Leagues, negotiating improved conditions and support for our senior national teams through Collective Bargaining Agreement with Basketball Australia, and have established a Player Development and wellbeing program, including work experience, education and mental health support.

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