The WNBL’s Incident Review Panel Delivers Decision On Sophie Cunningham

February 25, 2020 | WNBL news

The WNBL acknowledges the decision made by the league’s Incident Review Panel (IRP) in relation to an incident involving Sophie Cunningham (Deakin Melbourne Boomers) and Keely Froling (University of Canberra Capitals) in Game Two of their Sem-Final Series on Sunday, 23 February.

The IRP graded the incident as “Careless, low impact, high contact”.  The applicable sanction is a $500 fine reduced to $250 with an Early Guilty Plea.

Having reviewed the video evidence available and the medical report provided by the physiotherapist, the IRP has determined that on the balance of probabilities the impact in this case was low.

The incident is graded as careless on the basis that Cunningham was not looking in the direction of Froling at the time of making contact with Froling’s face and was engaged in a tangle of bodies.

Therefore, on the balance of probabilities, the IRP has determined there is insufficient evidence to determine that Cunningham made intentional contact with Froling’s face.