June 14, 2024 | WNBL news

The WNBL is pleased to announce the successful agreement and implementation of the new Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA), which will be valid for the 2024/25 season only*.  

The new CBA, reached through dedicated collaboration between the WNBL, Clubs, Australian Basketball Players Association (ABPA) and players, represents a collective commitment from all parties for league growth, while balancing Club and League financial sustainability. 

The agreement provides financial uplifts in a number of areas, as well as improved professional standards to enhance working conditions for athletes. 

Notable financial uplifts in the CBA include: 

  • Minimum Wage uplift by 15%, from $20k to $23k;  
  • Development Player honorarium doubled, from 2k to 4k; 
  • Increase in daily per diems; and  
  • Increase in monthly private health insurance stipend. 

The salary cap will be $532,331.11 (an uplift of 9.5%), and the salary floor will be $479,102.79 (an uplift of 6.2%). Both salary cap and floor will include superannuation for 24/25 – previous seasons it did not. To ensure accurate comparison, the increase percentage is based on previous season cap and floor plus superannuation. 

The cap remains a ‘soft’ cap, with teams exceeding the limit liable for tiered luxury tax. 

Increased and improved physiotherapy services provided for athletes around training aims to ensure all athletes are able to receive care and rehabilitiation as needed. This will assist in improving athletes physical wellbeing, and optimising perforance – which is also benefit for Clubs and fans. 

WNBL thanks all involved parties for their efforts in reaching this important milestone and look forward to an exciting 2024/25 season. 


*The CBA is for one-year only due to the impending ownership change of the WNBL from BA to a new entity post 24/25 WNBL season.