WNBL Fully Vaccinated.

November 26, 2021 | WNBL news

The WNBL is pleased to announce that the league will head into the upcoming 2021/22 season with a 100% vaccination rate against COVID-19.

All players, coaches, officials and team staff across all eight clubs and the WNBL itself will be fully vaccinated by round one, set for December 4.

Following government directives across the country, the league commends everyone involved who has gone out and made the choice to get vaccinated, adding a layer of safety to not only their own health but towards others contributing to making this season possible.

The WNBL has put in place Covid-19 safety protocols across all venues across the country, to ensure the safety of all teams and staff throughout the season.

Basketball Australia’s Head of Security and Compliance Officer, Shannon Bodley said “The WNBL is committed to providing a Covid safe environment for all our players, coaches, teams and officials and has introduced protocols that will help reduce the risks of Covid transmission.”

“We have encouraged our teams to be vaccinated and have provided education about the vaccines available and it’s fantastic that we have reached the 100% vaccination rate before the season gets underway.”

Fans who are planning to attend matches will need to follow their State’s government regulations, however, all WNBL venues across the country have covid-safe plans in place.