Finals COVID Protocols

The WNBL Finals are the pinnacle of the competition, and therefore every effort will be made to deliver the games as scheduled.

However, given the COVID environment, it was necessary to consider a range of scenarios. This has resulted in the following protocols:

  1. A finals game will not be played if a team does not have a minimum of seven (7) qualified players available (due to COVID positive cases)
  2. If a game can not be played, the League will work with both teams to determine another date it can be played (the WNBL Finals Window is 23rd March to 14th April (23 days)) . If the game is unable to be rescheduled, it will be cancelled.
  3. Competition impact:
Game in series Played Competition Operational Impact
1 Y None
N Series reduced to single game. Game played at higher placed team venue (or venue agreed by league and both teams). Date to be determined by league and teams.
2 Y None
N Series reduced to single game. Winner of Game 1 in series is winner.
3 Y None
N Winner determined on basis of FIBA Tournament rules (although noting OT will be played in all games) (ref Pg 86)