IKON 3X3 Corporate Cup

The sell to your boss?
It’s about team building, physical activity, and networking.

The sell to your teammates?
It’s all about shooting hoops on work time and having a bit of fun.



2023 IKON 3X3 Corporate Cup

Friday, October 13 2023 – 9:00am – 2:00pm
Melbourne Sports Centres Parkville – 10 Brens Drive, Parkville

Businesses of all types and sizes are invited to sign up their Team to the Ikon 3×3 Corporate Cup. Teams are made up of 4-5 players (3 on the court, 1-2 substitutes) and are to be mixed, with minimum one male or female on the court at all times.

The day will commence with a 3×3 Briefing Session, followed by a Training Session where your Team can warm up and brush up on their basketball skills.  The 3×3 Corporate Cup will tip-off at 11:00am, and will be played round-robin style. Teams must elect at time of registration their division: Rookies or Veterans.

Rookies: Teams that love their basketball, happy to be competitive but prefer the social type of game
Veterans: Teams of experienced ballers that intend on bringing a competitive edge, playing for the ‘best of the best’ title.


Team entry is $990 and includes:

  • Participation of your business – four/five nominated players
  • Team Tee with your business logo for each player
  • Team photo with a Boomers Athlete
  • Announcement of your Team’s entry via Boomers socials
  • $250 donation to Helping Hoops
  • Morning tea and lunch

What are you waiting for? Enter your team and battle it out with fellow businesses for the Cup and prizes (plus a year’s worth of bragging rights).




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The Ikon 3×3 Corporate Cup was created to support businesses promote a healthier and more active lifestyle to their employees. The essence of the tournament lies in its ability to make exercise fun and inclusive – bringing joy, excitement, and a sense of camaraderie among its participants. It also gives participating organisations the opportunity to build their profile, image and awareness – and connect with other likeminded businesses.


In support of  Helping Hoops Logo

This Season’s Ikon 3×3 Corporate Cup will be in support of Helping Hoops. Part of all proceeds will be donated directly to Helping Hoops in support of their mission “to use basketball to inspire, empower and support children and young people”.