40th Anniversary Honourees – Sharin Milner

January 22, 2024 | Melbourne Boomers news

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Deakin Melbourne Boomers, individuals who have made special contributions to the Boomers and our history will be honoured at each Home Game at the Boom Box.

For our final Home Game of the season this Wednesday January 24, Sharin Milner is the esteemed guest whose history and success with the team will be celebrated.

Born on the 27th of July 1980 in Melbourne, Milner played 220 games in her WNBL career and was a formidable guard for the Bulleen Boomers.

She went to Troy University in Alabama and has also played for the Hume City Broncos, amassing over 250 games at senior level.

The 162cm tall guard was then picked up by the Melbourne Tigers to play in their final WNBL season.

The Boomers then picked up Milner to commence in the 2001/02 WNBL season, playing at the Veneto Club.

Milner was notably co-captain of the team with fellow honouree Desi Glaubitz and led the team to their first championship in the 2010/2011 season, with fellow honourees Tom Maher and Michele Timms on the coaching staff.

Sharin claimed the championship against the Capitals on March 13th, 2011, after two consecutive Grand Finals playing against Canberra and just missing out on both wins.

Milner had an incredible game as a point guard, scoring 27 points and 5 assists in her final WNBL game and receiving the Grand Final MVP award for her career finale game.

Sharin was a record breaker at the Boomers still reigning as the all-time assists leader for the club and sits in the top 10 in four other categories.

Milner was known for her speed, passing and sure hands, as shown by four “Golden Hands” awards for assist to turnover ratio.

She was also a part of the incredible generation of female athletes who managed to balance their sporting endeavours with their non-sporting careers.

“It wasn’t uncommon for someone like me to be racing into training with my work heels clopping on the floor and quickly getting changed after being caught in traffic.”

Sharin noted this recognition was “really special” to be a part of the 40th anniversary tributes for the Deakin Melbourne Boomers and said she feels “so much pride in [her] time at the club”.

“Being a shy kid from Broadmeadows who really didn’t look like many of my peers, and who took a different route into the WNBL than most, I felt very at home with the Boomers and forged many lifelong friendships there.”

Sharin divulged that she will “always be grateful for the opportunities” that the club afforded her and notes she was fortunate to be part of the Boomers’ “relatively successful period in the club’s history”.

“[The] success which was built off the back of a lot of hard work, grit and sacrifice of those who were so critical in the club’s inception prior to [Sharin’s] joining.”

See Sharin receive her acknowledgement at our next Home Game on Wednesday, January 24 at the Boom Box, next to the Melbourne Zoo! You can purchase tickets for the game here!

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