September 17, 2018 | Melbourne Boomers news

Over the next eight weeks the Deakin Melbourne Boomers will take on the challenge of reaching an amazing target of 2,500 Members. To lead the way, six Membership Champions have been selected from within the Boomers organisation (members, staff, volunteers and players) who embody the passion and commitment needed to take upon themselves the role of being a Membership Champion.

Among the six Membership Champions include front office staff Lauren Jackson and Vanessa Bennett, players Monique Conti and Kalani Purcell, volunteer Dave Roberts and season member Rebecca Bendix.

“We have come up with a list of six people, myself included, who will lead the charge to reach our membership milestone. We are ready to take this organisation to the next level and we know that the only way we can do that is by empowering our members to believe that they are the cornerstone of our club, which they are,” said Lauren Jackson, the Boomers Assistant General Manager.

“The purpose of our Membership Champions is to rally our internal people, and also external people, and get them excited about the Boomers, excited enough to become members and entice new members themselves. The enthusiasm and belief that our Membership Champions have for the organisation is such that we believe they will attract new members and fans to the club.”

“Once we get you to a game – we’ve got you! You’ll love it.”

“It’s about getting people to take the first step, come and see these brilliant athletes in action and witness first-hand the awesome atmosphere. You’ll want to keep coming back, guaranteed,” added Lauren.


Membership Champion 1 – Lauren Jackson

There is no more formidable name in Australian basketball. Lauren is deeply passionate about the Boomers and dedicated to the Club reaching great heights, on and off the court.


Membership Champion 2 – David Roberts

A beacon amongst the Boomers’ volunteer base, David knows the importance of supporting your team. A true fan of all things basketball, he will help you to connect, be included and to have fun.


Membership Champion 3 – Vanessa Bennett

A part of the Club’s Front Office, Vanessa has two teenage daughters and is a strong advocate for ensuring role models are front and centre for her girls. That’s why she’s a Boomer through and through.


Membership Champion 4 – Rebecca Bendix

New to the Club, Rebecca and her family are full-season Members and can’t wait for the season to start. Purple & Gold are her favourite colours and her daughter loves Monique Conti. Rebecca knows that value of being a Member.


Membership Champion 5 – Monique Conti

Monique is about to play her third season at the Boomers and continues to be a rising star. As her professional career continues to grow, Monqiue knows how important it is for supporters to become Members and help the Boomers grow.


Membership Champion 6 – Kalani Purcell

Kalani is in her second season with the Boomers and it is fair to say she is one of our most beloved players. Not only has she impressed on court with her tenacity and skill, but she has become a fan favourite and one of our most supported Boomers by our Members.