Boomers Boredom Busters

April 7, 2020 | Melbourne Boomers news

Thanks to Covid-19, we’re now a few weeks into being stuck in our homes. We eat, sleep, work and play in the one place – which is keeping us safe. However, it’s right about now you’re realising ‘working-from-home cabin fever’ is no joke. Not to mention, you’re probably suffering a severe case of basketball deficiency. Well – not to worry, the Boomers are here to help! Whether you need a break from your improvised desk, you’re boiling the kettle, or you’re looking for a way to spend your regained commuting time – we’ve got some tips so that you can stay positive, active and amused, injecting a healthy dose of basketball-themed fun and variety into your day. Here are some ways you might like to think outside the square to keep your boredom at bay, no matter where you may be self-isolating.

Challenge yourself and your mates – get sharing and have a few laughs using #HoopsAtHome!

Follow Basketball Victoria on their socials and keep your eyes peeled for their new #HoopsAtHome challenge, posted every Monday. Be sure to tag the Boomers so we can share!

Take a regular break from screen time – get moving!

Have a skipping rope handy?

Try Cayla’s workout tip we posted recently – a nice quick skipping workout to get you moving and the blood pumping!

Good old classic

Nowhere is immune to shooting practice. If you’re lucky enough to own a mini hoop and ball, the world is your oyster! If not, find a bin or bucket – be creative. No ball? Bonus points for using a roll of toilet paper – it will definitely save you from breaking anything. Try your hand at trick shots from your desk, one room to another, or ‘around the world’ with whatever space or furniture works to create the hardest challenge. Compete with your housemates or virtually with friends in the outside world to create the greatest shot in the history of ‘iso-basketball’. Share them with us on our social channels and we will make sure to share ours with you too!

Time to use tech to our advantage!

Play some ball with your (socially distanced) friends

Facebook Messenger has a hidden basketball game! Why not replace the time you’d use chatting to your friends on a coffee break by simply sending them a basketball emoji – click on the emoji to start playing, it’s as simple as that!

Cure your basketball deficiency whilst you work!

Need music to help you work? Now is the perfect time to create the ultimate workout/pre-game pump up playlist ready to share with teammates.

Brush up on your knowledge or relive the past season

Why not keep your ears engaged whilst your hands are occupied at the task at hand by filling your brain with knowledge at the same time? Work your way through all the possible basketball themed Audiobooks in existence on Audible, or listen back to the latest season of the WNBL podcast with Megan Hustwaite, to relive some happier times.

Hopefully these Boomers-inspired boredom busters will help us all through! Remember to look after one another, keep eating healthily, get plenty of sleep, stay active, and use the opportunity to fine-tune your skills. When we’re all back up and running – whether that be back on the court, or watching the mighty Boomers play – it will be one of the greatest feelings in the world.

Stay home and stay safe. Happy Boomers boredom busting!