Boomers Courtside Chat: Lindsay Allen

July 24, 2019 | Melbourne Boomers news

Are you wondering what the Deakin Melbourne Boomers reigning 2018/19 MVP’s pre-game ritual is?

We sat down with point-guard Lindsay Allen late last season to discuss her inspirations, passions and more!


What is your pre-game ritual?

I don’t really have a pre-game ritual in terms of superstitious things, it’s mostly just making sure I’m prepared for the game and that I’m well fed. And that I’m preparing both mentally and physically. The day before and the day of the game I’m making sure I’m physically and mentally prepared for the game – so I’m doing my visualisations, and just going through stuff that we’ll see through the game. Then I get to the gym and I’m physically preparing for the game – and that’s about it!

Which athlete inspires you the most?

I don’t think there’s any one athlete that inspires me the most, I think I get inspiration from every athlete I come across, and every athlete I read about – all professional athletes really. But I’m especially inspired by the athletes that I’m in contact with every day, which are my teammates. Just seeing how they conduct themselves as athletes and what they are doing to prepare themselves on and off the court, and also just seeing how they handle themselves as humans as well, and with their families and just everything else that’s going on in their personal lives and all that stuff. So they make me a better person and a better basketball player.

What is the best advice you’ve ever heard?

I was watching LeBron James’ show on HBO called ‘The Shop’ and Elena Delle Donne was on there and she was talking about mental fortitude and the work she does with her sports psychologist and she said something that really stuck with me – ‘Nobody talks to you more in a day than yourself.’ Obviously, you know that everyday your talking to yourself, but when she put it that way it was like wow – that’s a real gem. What you think, you become. So if you speak negatively to yourself and have that negative self-talk – that’s what you’re going to think of yourself. 

What are your passions or interests outside of basketball?

I don’t think I have that many passions and interests outside of basketball really. I guess I read a lot so whether I’m reading articles on my phone, or whether I’m reading a book on my phone or just physically reading a book – just constantly filling my brain with knowledge. So yeah reading a bunch and watching Netflix shows and yeah just experiencing life!

What have you enjoyed most about your first WNBL season and playing for the Boomers?

There’s just so many things that have been great – from the professionalism of the club, from the front office, down to coaches down to my teammates has been phenomenal. I think the competition and the whole league has been great. It’s just been a great experience for me to come over here to Australia and be able to become a better basketball player, but also to see the world and experience something different to what I did in America.

How has it been different playing basketball in Australia opposed to America?

In terms of the scheduling it’s different, just how many games we’re playing, when we’re practicing and things like that. But also, just like different philosophy’s I think are different a little bit. At the end of the day, basketball is basketball but still it’s like just like what they kind of believe in, in terms of going to the gym, getting your weight lifting sessions in and just kind of having a different coach in Guy and seeing what he likes in players and trying to adjust to that, but it’s all been fun!


We can’t wait to see Lindsay back on the court for us this 2019/20 Season! #itsourtime