Boomers Set To Announce More Player Signings

March 6, 2017 | Melbourne Boomers news
On the back of confirming that young gun Monique Conti will be returning next season,the Deakin Melbourne Boomers are preparing to make more player announcements in the coming days. Though the club remains tight lipped as to who will be in Boomers colours next season, Coach Guy Molloy did confirm it has been a very busy period for the front office. "Given our win-loss record last season and the fact we were out of the playoffs race a little earlier than we would have liked, it did provide our front office with an opportunity to dissect a few things and start planning for the future," said Molloy. "Since our last game it has been an extremely busy period for us and one that our management has spent very productively. I know there are more player announcements on the way and the fans will be excited about what's in store." 16996405_1247847411970683_8178161622482736663_n Last season saw no less than seven players (Bec Cole, Maddie Garrick, Alice Kunek, Olivia Thompson, Brittany Smart, Kasey Burton, Elyse Penaluna) retained from the 2015/16 campaign, all of which came amid an uncertain future for the Boomers. Recruits for the 2016/17 season included Tegan Cunningham, Kelly Bowen, Monique Conti, Bec Ott and Jess Bygate, while teenagers Cassidy Gould and Chelsea D'Angelo also debuted. Boomers GM Justin Nelson confirmed some exciting announcements were just around the corner, including current players along with some new recruits. "There will be some changes, there always is for every team each season, but our focus has been on taking the next steps as an organisation and for our members and sponsors that means looking at areas we can improve across all levels of our business," said Nelson. "With all the changes we went through mid-year leading into last season it was always going to be a tough journey, but we've come out the other side and we're really looking forward to making some positive announcements shortly." The Boomers have also announced the off-season plans for its 2016/17 roster. Tegan Cunningham (Waverley, Big V) Jess Bygate (Sandringham, SEABL) Britt Smart (Sandringham, SEABL) Bec Cole (Eltham, Big V) Kasey Burton (Diamond Valley, Big V) Bec Ott (Knox, Big V) Cassidy Gould (Altona, Big V) Olivia Thompson (Forestville, Sth Australia) Chelsea D'Angelo (Frankston, SEABL) Monique Conti (Melbourne, SEABL) Genna Ogier (Kilsyth, SEABL) Kalisha Keane (Slovakia) Maddie Garrick (Kilsyth, SEABL) Kelly Bowen (Waverley, Big V) Emma Nankervis (Frankston, SEABL) Alice Kunek (France)