Deakin Melbourne Boomers and Helping Hoops Unite for Jan 13 Game

January 12, 2024 | Melbourne Boomers news

This Saturday, January 13, the Deakin Melbourne Boomers are not only lacing up their basketball shoes for a thrilling game against the Townsville Fire, but they’re also stepping onto the court with a powerful mission. In partnership with local not-for-profit organisation, Helping Hoops, the Boomers are set to make a significant impact, transcending the boundaries of sport to create positive change in the lives of children and young people.

Helping Hoops, an independent charity, has been running free basketball programs for over 850 participants, conducting over 600 sessions annually. These programs cater to children and young people aged 8 to 21, focusing on those who may face barriers to accessing the sport.

Helping Hoops doesn’t just teach basketball; it serves as a catalyst for holistic development. The programs aim to build self-esteem, provide a sense of belonging and community, promote social cohesion, instill discipline, develop goal-setting and leadership skills, and encourage a healthy and active lifestyle. By catering to the diverse needs of participants, Helping Hoops fosters an inclusive environment where everyone, regardless of background or ability, can thrive.

Teaming up with Helping Hoops aligns seamlessly with the Deakin Melbourne Boomers’ commitment to making a difference in the community. The Boomers recognize the power of basketball in transforming lives and are determined to leverage their platform in the Women’s National Basketball League (WNBL) to contribute positively to society.

Teuila Reid, the Executive Director of Helping Hoops, shares her vision for the partnership, stating, “We hope this partnership can provide tangible opportunities and experiences for young people through exposure and proximity to the best that sport has to offer to culturally and linguistically diverse children and young people.”

For fans looking to support Helping Hoops and opportunities abound can go to to learn more about their impactful programs. Additionally, supporters can make a donation at !