First Glimpse Of Boomers 18/19 Singlet Design

May 3, 2018 | Melbourne Boomers news

Deakin Melbourne Boomers fans will see more purple during the 2018/19 WNBL season with one of the team’s new singlet designs breaking cover for the first time.

The Boomers could have up to three colour designs next season with the club working on purple, black and white designs. All three come with splashes of the clubs traditional gold colour as well.

Boomers GM Justin Nelson says the return to a prominent purple design would be “favourably received by members.”

“We wore purple in our MRV game last season and the members loved it, so we want to step out in more games next season in a similar design,” said Nelson.

“One thing we won’t necessarily do next season is wear the same uniform colour at all home games and then the same colour away. We will probably have three different colour sets and we will mix it up, but you will definitely be seeing more purple.”

Partners featured on the 2018/19 Boomers’ singlets will again be Deakin University, Ikon, LED Media, Adairs and AVJennings.

“We’re delighted to again have the fantastic support of our uniform partners. Our shorts will also look similar to last season as well.”

“It’s great to continue the outstanding relationship we have with our partners,” Nelson added.

Membership renewals are now open through to May 10, ahead of new members being welcomed to sign-up from Monday May 14.