Meet the Boomers: Vanessa Bennett

Vanessa Bennett smiling
June 19, 2020 | Melbourne Boomers news

Team and Community Manager, Vanessa Bennett is Deakin Melbourne Boomers’ ‘mother hen’ – keeping everything ticking over to help the team perform at their best.

Vanessa admits her role is challenging, but loves being around our amazing athletes and coaches every day. Nothing beats the special relationships on and off the court, seeing the excitement we bring to the fans, and keeping our bonds with the local community strong,

Starting out at the club 5 years ago as the Functions Manager, Vanessa has worked her way into her current role – one she has been in for the last couple of years. If she could have any other job…she’d be Dexter – because who wouldn’t want to get to dance around and do the conga line with the kids!

Hobbies in spare time? Listening to music (classic R&B), watching TV dramas and tinkering in the garden.

Ever been told look like someone famous? Usually someone small!

Best prank you’ve ever pulled? Tricking my husband into marrying me (been married for 22 years) – it worked!

Have you lived anywhere else in Australia/the world? Yes, lived in Connecticut for 6 years from 2008-14.

Greatest fears? Snakes. I cringe whenever I see one on TV. Came across one in the backyard once in the US & still recovering!

Fun fact or quirk about yourself? I wanted to be a fighter pilot growing up (I have watched Top Gun 2517 times).

Pets? A German Shepherd named TJ (named after my kids initials Tyler & Jade) who just turned 8. We got him in the US when he was 8 weeks & brought him back to Australia when we returned.

Where did you grow up? I was born in Sri Lanka and moved to Australia in 1983 when I was 12. Lived mainly in the South East Suburbs.

If not basketball, which sport would you compete in at the Olympics? Ribbon twirl in gymnastics!

Coffee order? Vanilla Latte.

Favourite workout track at the moment? ‘Workout?’ What’s that? Does housework count?

Favourite post-workout snack/meal? There’s that ‘workout’ word again?

Just to indulge our COVID-induced (longing for travel) favourite place travelled too? Sheraton Keauhou Bay in Kona on the Big Island – Hawaii. Cancun is great too.

Favourite non-basketball sporting experience?? Super Bowl in New Orleans which also happened to be Mardi Gras week.

Dislikes? Losing

Favourite thing to cook? I love to bake. At present, I’ve been making Chocolate Walnut Praline Cake, and Bread and Butter pudding.

Something we might not know about another member of the Boomers (broader) team? Kalani Purcell lived with us for 2 seasons.