December 17, 2023 | Melbourne Boomers news

Sunday afternoon’s matchup between the Deakin Melbourne Boomers and the Adelaide Lightning saw the Melbourne team suffer a second loss for Round 7.

The efforts of the Deakin Melbourne Boomers were just not enough to get a great lead in front of the Lightning, resulting in a very tight game and close finish, 59-68.

The starting five for the Melbourne Boomers were Sara Blicavs, Tera Reed, Naz Hillmon, Aimee Rocci and Keely Froling. For the Adelaide Lightning, Jocelyn Willoughby, Isobel Borlase, Brianna Turner, Lauren Mansfield and Isabelle Bourne helped to kick off the Round 7 game.

An electrifying performance from Lightning stars Isobel Borlase and Isabelle Bourne sent Melbourne packing, proving that amid their losing streak, the Adelaide team are a force to be reckoned with.

The Melbourne Boomers were under pressure without import Jordin Canada, having to miss the game after a head crash from Jade Melbourne resulting in a concussion on Friday night’s game against the UC Capitals.

Olympics qualifier Opals squad member Sara Blicavs (21 points, 10 rebounds) clutched a double-double as well as three 3-pointers during the game, was playing fiercely and trying her best with the Boomers throughout the first quarter to even the playing field between the two stacked teams.

The first quarter was incredibly tight and ended with Tayla Brazel receiving a personal foul on Sara Blicavs and Blicavs coming in clutch with 3 free throw shots, putting the Boomers in front and ending the quarter, 22-20.

The Boomers entered the second, energized with Penina Davidson scoring an early layup in the first 10 seconds of the quarter.

Adelaide Lightning guard and Olympics qualifier Opals squad member Isobel Borlase and forward Isabelle Bourne put their bodies on the line and utilised their physicality, scoring 13 and 9 points respectively in the first half and putting the Lightning just in front at halftime, 37-38.

Naz Hillmon came alive in the beginning of the third, ultimately scoring 10 points in the quarter, and put the Boomers in front with five minutes on the clock.

The Lightning kept fighting back with Isobel Borlase and Jocelyn Willoughby both hitting 3’s that kept putting Adelaide back in front, continuously flip flopping the score and finishing the quarter with a narrow margin, 51-53.

The fourth allowed Adelaide to cement the win with Melbourne falling short and missing several shots and slipping up hot under pressure.

Both teams were off their game with shooting, Melbourne field goals at 31% and Adelaide at 36%. Two points made were also off balance for the two stacked teams with the Boomers only making 17/50 shots (34%) and Adelaide making 20/38 (52%).

Adelaide Lightning fought the good fight and managed to put themselves over the line, ultimately securing the win against the Boomers, 59-68, and redeeming themselves for the loss on Friday against the Bendigo Spirit.

The Lightning have now broken their 6-game losing streak and are set to face off against the UC Capitals on Thursday, December 21, who will be feeling confident after an outstanding win particularly for young gun Jade Melbourne, against the Melbourne Boomers last Friday.


The Melbourne Boomers have a tight turnaround this week with their next Home Game on Wednesday, December 20 at 7pm against the Sydney Flames, who are coming off of a two week break after beating the Adelaide Lightning!

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