September 12, 2022 | Melbourne Boomers news

The Deakin Melbourne Boomers and Undefeater Films premiered SIDELINED on Sunday afternoon in a private event to sponsors, friends and family.

Guests were welcomed to LIDO cinemas in Hawthorn and had the opportunity to meet the sidelined cast and producer Adam McKay. After being welcomed to the event by WNBL superstar Gaylene McKay who spoke to what this means for her and the heritage of the boomers, guests made their way into the cinema for an invite only screening of Chapter one.

Sidelined: The Fight For Equality in Women’s Basketball series features Olympic and US stars, including Ezi Magbegor, Cayla George, Tess Madgen, Tiffany Mitchell, and Lindsay Allen, along with a cast of local talent, such as Carley Ernst who returned to basketball mid-season four months after the birth of her first child.


The event was topped off with a Q+A featuring film maker Adam McKay, Izzy Wright and Rachel Brewster, who gave the audience a deeper and more personal look at what the documentary means for the female sportscape and the challenges that are presented throughout.

“There were times I was in the locker room with the team even after the coaches had been kicked out – it was players-only. This gave a level of access I never though possible, and with this access cam unique insights which I feel the public will find riveting” – Adam McKay



Adam Mckay and the Deakin Melbourne Boomers would like to thank everyone who attended on Sunday in support of Sidelined, it was an amazing day for Australian sport.


You can catch chapter one of Sidelined: The Fight For Equality in Women’s Basketball on SBS Viceland this Sunday the 18th of September at 4:45.

Sidelined will run for four weeks, with the finale on October 9. Sidelined will also be available on Fox and Kayo a week after release on SBS.