Unleash the Colours: Your Guide to Sunday’s Pride Game Celebration!

January 17, 2024 | Melbourne Boomers news

Get ready for an unforgettable experience this Sunday at the much-anticipated Pride Game! We’ve got a spectacular lineup of events that promise to make this day a celebration of love, diversity, and unity. Here’s what’s in store:


Rainbow Radiance:

Join a vibrant sea of colours as the crowd transforms into a rainbow spectacle! Whether you go all out or just add a touch of rainbow flair, the more colours, the better. Let’s turn the stadium into a living, breathing testament to inclusivity and acceptance.


Gear Up, with DIY Pride Badges and Progress Flags:

Get creative with Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation’s Pride Badge Making station, where you can design and customize your own badge to wear with pride! Additionally, explore the significance of Progress Flags thanks to Pride Cup, and discover their role in fostering understanding and unity within the LGBTQIA+ community.


Sparkling Pride Merch:

Indulge in the latest Pride-themed merchandise, including the dazzling rainbow glitter Scrunchiko scrunchies! Express your pride in style and take home a piece of the celebration. Don’t miss out on these exclusive items – they’re sure to sell out fast!


Educational Insights:

Delve into the significance of Pride Games/Days with our informational posters distributed around the Stadium. Learn about the history, importance, and impact of these events as we strive to create a space that celebrates diversity and promotes equality.


DJ Boomer’s Beats:

Feel the rhythm of acceptance as DJ Boomer spins a playlist featuring your favourite LGBTQIA+ tunes! Dance, sing, and celebrate the spirit of the community with a soundtrack that embraces diversity and love.

Hurry and secure your spot for this unforgettable celebration! Limited tickets remain, so head over to Ticketek now to ensure you don’t miss out.


Date: Sunday, January 21 / 3pm

Venue: The Boom Box, Melbourne Sport Centres Parkville