March 30, 2023 | Perth Lynx news

The 2022/23 Perth Lynx squad are about to commence their off-season stints across Australia and the globe!

From NBL1 to the WNBA, here’s a list of where the squad is spending the next few months and where to watch them.

Alex Sharp – Willetton Tigers / NBL1 West

Amy Atwell – Bendigo Braves / NBL1 South

Chloe Bibby – Frankston Blues / NBL1 South

Chloe Forster – Warwick Senators / NBL1 West

Desiree Kelley – Willetton Tigers / NBL1 West

Emma Gandini – North Gold Coast Seahawks / NBL1 North

Jessie Edwards – Cockburn Cougars / NBL1 West

Lauren Scherf – Campobasso (Italy)

Mackenzie Clinch Hoycard – Warwick Senators / NBL1 West

Robbi Ryan – Joondalup Wolves / NBL1 West

Ruby Vlahov – St Marys College / California USA

Sami Whitcomb – Seattle Storm / WNBA

Tayah Burrows – Rockingham Flames / NBL1 West


Ryan Petrik – Head Coach Rockingham Flames Men

Nat Burton – Player Warwick Senators / NBL1 West

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