Byron Geddes

Local Association: St.George Basketball Association, NSW

WNBL Experience: 3 games

Occupation: Head of Partnership for IMG/Endeavour sports administration

Playing Experience: Played both local and state and was selected into a sports high school for basketball

Involvement in Refereeing: I got suspended as a player and was given the option to do a coaching course or a refereeing course. As I didn’t know why I got suspended and at the time didn’t know the rules I opted for the refereee course and never looked back.

Mentors:  There are lots…. but I’m a strong believer in the beginnings and planting the seeds. My first ref coach Lauren Dunsten. Supporting referees who are now retired but still have the time for import be it positive or negative.

Fun Facts:

Favourite TV Show: Seinfeld
Favourite Musician: Coldplay
App you can’t live without! Snapchat
Favourite venue to referee: St. George basketball court 3, NSW
Craziest thing you’ve seen on a basketball court? I’ve seen a glass backboard break.  By a dunk from a 5’1 point guard
Pre-game routine or superstitions: I have a special Spotify play list, I like to hear certain songs during certain moments from the drive to the stadium to walking into the stadium. I also have to lay out my clothes 4 times and re-pack my back 4 times before leaving the house. When getting ready also my left then right shoe.