Chris Ried

Local Association: Knox Basketball Association, VIC

WNBL Experience:  98 games

Occupation: Sales Manager

Playing Experience:  Junior & Senior Rep player

Involvement in Refereeing: Started refereeing in 1990 as a result of playing and parent involvement. Began as a means to start earning some pocket money and as part time job to develop life skills

Mentors: Keith Vaughn / Neill Black as key advisors at local association taking me through ref school and starting out.
Progressing to National level the likes of Bill Mildenhall / Ray Hunt as senior officials when first staring at senior level and Neil Bradbury as one of the senior referee coaches

Fun Facts:

Favourite TV Show: NCIS
Favourite Musician: Rob Thomas
App you can’t live without! Foxtel GO
Favourite venue to referee: Perth or Melbourne
Craziest thing you’ve seen on a basketball court?
Pre-game routine or superstitions: Ensure comfortable feeling – self talk, Take 2 whistles to the court. Tuck in end of shoe laces to ensure they don’t come undone.