Daniel Troy

Local Association: Basketball South Austrailia, SA

WNBL Experience:  12 games

Occupation: Business Development Manager

Playing Experience: Junior Rep to U16

Involvement in Refereeing: Started refereeing in 1999 as a way to earn a few dollars pocket money and spend time with with friends

Mentors: Simon Crowden, Nathan Wieland, Michael Aylen, James Griguol

Fun Facts:

Favourite TV Show: Breaking Bad
Favourite Musician: All music! From Drake to Ed
App you can’t live without! MyFitnessPal
Favourite venue to referee: “Icehouse” Mount Gambier, SA
Craziest thing you’ve seen on a basketball court? Not a game I was involved in, but watching the Australia v Philippines melee was surreal
Pre-game routine or superstitions: I tie my shoes 3 times before a game. Once in the rooms, once before the warmup, and again after the warm up before tip-off.