Hugh Starkey

Local Association: Adelaide, SA

WNBL Experience:  8 games

Occupation: Produce Manager at Woolworths

Playing Experience: Played District in Adelaide from the age of 8 to 21

Involvement in Refereeing:  Started refereeing in year 7 (2008) for a bit of pocket money, and then really enjoyed it so I continued to do it as I made good friends and some money – eventually made the choice to not play anymore and to concentrate on refereeing because I was told that I could have a future in it.

Mentors: Michael Aylen

Fun Facts:

Favourite TV Show:  Animal Kingdom
Favourite Musician: Jimmy Barnes
App you can’t live without! Mario Kart
Favourite venue to referee: Titanium Security Arena
Craziest thing you’ve seen on a basketball court? Dwyane Wade’s alley oop pass to Kobe Bryant in the 2008 Athens Olympics
Pre-game routine or superstitions: Always get dressed the same way – Skins – Socks – Pants – shoes – top (and then tuck it all in)