Jack Taylor

Local Association: Basketball ACT, ACT

WNBL Experience: 46 games

Occupation: Entrepreneur

Playing Experience: Played all through juniors in the local competition, always wanted to be a referee and made that my priority.

Involvement in Refereeing: Started refereeing in October 2002, aged 10. I always wanted to be a referee, like my late Pop (grandfather) who officiated in the NSW Rugby League (prior to it becoming the NRL).

Mentors: Many people, at different times provided me with great advice and support. No single person and far too many to name.

Fun Facts:

Favourite TV Show: Blue Heelers
Favourite Musician: Lionel Ritchie
App you can’t live without! Slack
Favourite venue to referee: AIS Arena
Craziest thing you’ve seen on a basketball court? A team losing 99-23 celebrating as they’d won the championship. They had a goal to hold a stronger team to less than 100 and they achieved that. Success comes in many was a great lesson.
Pre-game routine or superstitions: Always place my whistle in my right pocket, before heading to the court