Madi Crowley-Long

Local Association: Brisbane Basketball Association, QLD

WNBL Experience:  18 games

Occupation:  Development Coordinator for AFL Queensland and studying IT via cloud with Deakin University

Playing Experience: Junior Rep at Brisbane Basketball

Involvement in Refereeing: Started refereeing in 2005, age 13. IT was a good way to spend time and earn money at the stadium in between my brother’s U10 game and my U14 game.

Mentors:  Fiona Allen – great female role model, gave me self-confidence and keeps me down to earth
Scott Butler – perfect person to ask questions all things to do with trying to be elite, always makes time
Vaughan Mayberry – always helps to keep things simple and put them in perspective

Fun Facts:

Favourite TV Show:  Parks & Recreation
Favourite Musician: Pink
App you can’t live without! Nandos PeriPerks
Favourite venue to referee: Player who tried to dunk during warmup, landed and broke his leg with a 12 month injury
Craziest thing you’ve seen on a basketball court? Always have a V energy drink before a game and always re-tie my shoelaces after the three-minute warning. Love a good pregame jam-out in the car or ref room depending on the crew.
Pre-game routine or superstitions: