Show your support and be seen in the latest Southside Flyers gear.

The 2020 Flyers merchandise is now available. There is the authentic WNBL merchandise, including replica jersey and training shorts, as well as the new official supporter merchandise from AND1.

Flyers Members will receive 20% off all AND1 products, including the official Flyers supporter merchandise and 10% off the official WNBL merchandise from iAthletic.

Click here to view the official AND1 Flyers supporter merchandise

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Game Tickets and Membership

Flyers have introduced special “Up Close and Personal” Beyond the Court Memberships for 2020 to ensure supporters are part of the Flyers family as the team plays in the WNBL hub in North Queensland.

There are no home games at Dandenong Stadium this season, but for supporters in North Queensland limited number of game tickets will be available. Click here for game ticket details.