Shooting the Breeze: Angus Wildblood “Cue the Mic”

November 5, 2020 | Sydney Flames news

It’s time for Episode 25 of Shooting The Breeze.

Today we chat with a longtime supporter of the Flames and one of the stalwarts of the behind the scenes team, Angus Wildblood, The Flames courtside announcer.

Manning the mics for the team for nearly twenty years he has one of the best seats in the house and has refined reading the crowd into a Picasso-like art form.

First getting into the announcer’s seat with wheelchair basketball he moved into the role of game night announcer for the Flames and proudly calls the women’s game ‘absolutely my favourite’.

His courtside experience stretches from Australian Youth Olympics to the Sydney Kings and more.

We also get an inside look at the soundtrack that has entertained and engaged a legion of Sydney fans, young and old, while cheering on their favourite team.

Listen here.