Flames trio turn attention to NBL1 season with Bears

March 5, 2024 | Sydney Flames news

With the WNBL24 season coming to an end, a trio of Sydney Flames will now turn their attention to more silverware in the 2024 NBL1 East season.

Flames assistant coach Renae Garlepp, Caitlyn Martin and Carla Pitman have now returned to the Norths Bears, as the club attempts to defend their championships.

“Having the core group back, although we’ve lost some key players, I’m genuinely enthused about the talent and potential within our young group,” Garlepp said.


“I’m excited to get back to work with them and watch our collective growth and performance.”

A big part of that growth as a group will come from Martin and Pitman after their inaugural season with the Hoops Capital club Garlepp believes

“I think they have truly grown throughout this experience and will emerge stronger because of it,” Flame #148 Garlepp said.

“Witnessing the professionalism and dedication of those around them every single day has left a lasting impression.

“Having such exceptional role models will no doubt prepare them well for the upcoming NBL1 season.

“Their work ethic and the intensity of their training over the last six months has been heightened.

“This should help them to continue to work and grow and impact those around them.”

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It’s not just the players who have grown during the season though, as Garlepp admitted the experience with the harbour city club has made her a better coach.

“This season has been a tremendous learning experience for me,” she said.

“Being immersed in the professional environment day in and day out has taught me a great deal that I look forward to applying to this upcoming NBL1 season.”

The trio’s Bears, who also finished second at the NBL1 National Finals in Western Australia, opened their championship defence at Bankstown on Saturday, April 6.