Flames’ WNBL games to be shown on WNBA App

December 21, 2023 | Sydney Flames news

To celebrate World Basketball Day, the WNBL on Thursday announced that league games and content – including that of the Sydney Flames – will, for the first time, be shown on the WNBA App.

This means the WNBL is now available in over 100 countries cementing it as one of the world’s premier leagues.

The WNBA App will deliver all remaining games over the final three months of the WNBL regular season, plus all Finals – meaning more than 50 WNBL games will be shown between November 2023 and March 2024.

Additional short-form content will also be made available.


There are a host of WNBA players playing in the WNBL this season, with American athletes Jordin Canada, Mercedes Russell, Brianna Turner, Jocelyn Willoughby, Aari McDonald, Naz Hillmon, and Amanda Zahui B, and Australian athletes Jade Melbourne, Sami Whitcomb, Kristy Wallace and 2023 WNBA Championship winner and current Flames star Cayla George.

Head of WNBL, Christy Collier-Hill, says this is an exciting time for the WNBL.

“The WNBL’s international strategy is focused on highlighting our position as a global game, and strategically aligning with select international markets,” Collier-Hill said.

We’re therefore thrilled to be showcasing the world-class athletes and world-class competition of the WNBL through the WNBA App.
Given the number of WNBA athletes that participate in the WNBL, both past and present, there is already a great organic connection between the two leagues.

Having WNBL games on the WNBA App will provide an opportunity for WNBA fans around the world to really engage with athletes, teams and the league.

As the WNBL continues to grow both domestically and internationally, this is a milestone moment for the league that will further enhance visibility and growth.”

This new collaboration between WNBL and WNBA will allow fans of women’s basketball to access quality content year-round.

“As one pillar of our growth strategy focuses on building robust social and digital content on WNBA-owned and operated platforms, we envision creating platforms and products, deliverable through the WNBA App, that enable the WNBA to be at the centre of the women’s basketball ecosystem,” said WNBA chief growth officer Colie Edison.

“At a time when accessible content is a key factor in driving the growth of women’s sports, adding WNBL games and additional content provides us with a new international touchpoint to support the overall women’s professional basketball ecosystem.

“With a number of current WNBA players starring in the WNBL this season, this aligns with our long-term goal of providing year-round, direct-to-consumer content.”

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WNBL games on the WNBA App will be available to all countries around the world outside of Australia and New Zealand (this is due to broadcast rights in these countries).

The WNBL is now available to be seen in over 100 countries worldwide, with all games available LIVE and FREE on unbeaten.com and the FIBA YouTube channel, while game of the week and Finals are available in a range of countries on-demand.

The full list of channels the WNBL can now be watched worldwide can be found here: https://wnbl.basketball/how-to-watch/.