Hoops Park gives Sydney its very own elite streetball facility

June 9, 2023 | Sydney Flames news

On the back of the exciting opening of Hoops Capital’s state-of-the-art facility in Sydney’s Entertainment Quarter at Moore Park, the club is thrilled to unveil another premium facility for the harbour city. 

Much like New York City has Rucker Park, Sydney now has its own elite streetball facility, Hoops Park. 

This free two-court outdoor complex, open seven days a week from 7am to 7pm, is set to become Sydney`s very own ‘streetball mecca’, with plans already underway for numerous events at the venue that will include music and lifestyle elements. 


Hoops Capital CEO Sean Nicholls said this grand opening was another step towards the company’s greater entertainment and brand ambitions. 

“Basketball is one of the fastest growing games in the country, not to mention being the highest participated sports among our youth,” said Nicholls, who reiterated these courts are available for casual use at no cost and can be hired for special events. 

“Unfortunately, Australia, and Sydney in particular, don’t have the resources to cater to that fast-growing demand. 

“Here at Hoops Capital though, we’re committed to changing that, shown by us unveiling three courts – one indoor and two outdoor – at Moore Park in the past few months, created for the greater hoops community to use at their leisure. 

“Not only that, our vision for Hoops Capital is as much on the court as it is off it, with us trying to integrate other lifestyle elements, such as entertainment and music, into our direction as a company and the building of facilities enables us to continue to push that message. 

“As proud of the steps we’ve made over the past few years, which will also see a new centre of excellence be built at Auburn, there’s plenty more being planned behind the scenes, to cement why Sydney really is the hoops capital of Australia.” 

To that point, Hoops Capital has plans to roll similar Hoops Park facilities out across Sydney, working closely with local councils and other community groups. 

For more information on Hoops Park, visit here.