Shooting the Breeze podcast: Mary Konstantopoulos Hear her Roar

November 20, 2020 | Sydney Flames news
A trailblazer in Aussie women’s sports since 2013.
Mary Konstantopoulos, better known as MaryK founder of Ladies who League is our guest on Shooting the Breeze this week in Ep27 Hear Her Roar.
Often attending Sydney Uni Flames games with her mum by her side, MaryK is not only a passionate sports fan she advocates that ‘bums on seats’ are the most potent support for women’s sport regardless of code.
As a regular contributor to The Roar she lends her voice to the idea that women can fully participate in professional sports and that all young girls can be what they see in the sports arena.

Listen in for great insight and an independent perspective from a member of our Flames family on women’s sports and the incredible opportunities the Olympics and the Women’s World Cup provides women’s basketball.