Shooting The Breeze: Official Podcast for the Flames

May 6, 2020 | Sydney Flames news

Photo Credit: Geoff Tripp

The Brydens Sydney Uni Flames have launched a brand new podcast for basketball fans: ‘Shooting the Breeze’.

The podcast will be the go-to place to get an in depth picture of coaches and players during the pre-season. As well as getting to know the team better, listeners will also hear hot topics around the league and the wider game being unpacked by expert guests.

The first podcast, featuring Head Coach Katrina ‘Frog’ Hibbert, is now live. You can access both parts here.

Be sure to subscribe to ‘Shooting the Breeze’ on to get notified as soon as new podcasts are released.

Look out for the newest episode at 4pm on Friday 8th May featuring Flames’ star forward Lauren Scherf.