Back to Back wins

November 22, 2020 | Townsville Fire news

It may have seemed like the JCU Townsville Fire didn’t even have time to wash their uniforms before they found themselves back on the court this afternoon, this time against the Melbourne Boomers.

One thing is for sure, the ball kept rolling in their favour, Winning with a 12 point advantage (75-87).

Melbourne  entered the game with only one loss under their belt. Meanwhile in their  fourth game this week, the Fire were chasing their fourth victory for the season.

Optimism paid off in this scenario with the Fire scoring their season record 30 point first quarter, carrying the momentum throughout the 40 mins.

From that point the focus endured on completing plays, with Townsville wrapping up a 54.7% field goal average against the oppositions 41.1%.

Coach Shannon Seebohm told Fox Sports his love for coaching his side, stating the opportunity to reach playoffs if they continue to improve.

“we understand the environment we are in, anyone can beat anyone on any given night. We need to make sure that we turn up to play every single game and play smarter.” He said.

Townsville point guard Lauren Nicholson dominated across the both sides of the ball, sinking a 24 point game at a season best 64.7% average.

19 year old sensation Shyla Heal was not far behind in support with 19 points scored in just  25 minutes of gameplay.

On top of a back court game, the Fire had shown the significant improvement on free throws (81.8 %).

The Fire fought off the Boomers well into the 3rd and 4th quarters, chalking up a crucial win for the side.

With a one day recovery period, Townsville will face Bendigo, Tuesday 7pm AEST Tuesday at Townsville stadium.


Words by Jack DeLacey