February 20, 2024 | Townsville Fire news

The silver lining of being blitzed By Bendigo on Sunday is there’s little time for Townsville to dwell on the defeat. Tomorrow night’s top of the table showdown with Southside is fast approaching and that’s the fresh focus for Fire Captain Sami Whitcomb.

“It’s a short turn around so we don’t get a lot of time on court before our next game but we’ll have a good session, really refocus and relocking on the things that we’re giving us success earlier in the season.”

The ladder leaders have now lost three of their last four games, but their latest, by 33 points was an alarming result. They lost every quarter in a home humiliation… Hopefully the wake up call which reignites the reigning champions season.

“It’s not a loss, it’s how you lose and how you compete and we didn’t feel like we met the standard that we set for ourselves certainly, so I think that was probably the biggest thing for us. So you know I think we’re definitely looking forward for an opportunity to redeem ourselves. And it’s not like we have had terrible season, it’s not like we don’t know what we’re capable of.

While the orange army had little to celebrate spectators showed plenty of love for former Fire fan favourite and championship winner with the club Kelly Wilson, despite her being an opposing player. The veteran point guard made her 450th WNBL appearance, a milestone marked with a win and moving words from her Spirit teammate Kelsey Griffin post-game.

“She’s been successful every place she’s gone, and she’s been a starter every place she’s gone, and she’s made an impact in the community every place she’s gone. And she’s worked and she’s gone to uni and she’s had a kid and she’s come back, like it’s remarkable! And I think it’s an incredible opportunity for young girls to see what they can achieve.”

Townsville tremendous supporter base will be hoping to have plenty to more cheer midweek when the Fire host the Flyers. Tickets are available here for the clash, which tips off at 6pm.