Bernie Lanigan, The Voice of Basketball

May 21, 2024 | Townsville Fire news

In the heart of Townsville, where basketball brings the community together, one voice has consistently energized and uplifted the crowd: Bernie Lanigan. Known as the “Voice of Basketball,” Bernie has been the charismatic game day MC for the Townsville Fire since the very first Townsville Fire Game Day in 2001. 




As we celebrate National Volunteers Week, we honour Bernie’s unwavering commitment and the passion he brings to every game, making each event unforgettable for fans and players.


Bernie’s journey with the Townsville Fire began in 2001 when he took on the role of game day MC. His presence quickly became integral to the Townsville basketball community, enhancing the game day experience with his enthusiasm and commentary. Over the years, Bernie’s name has become synonymous with the vibrant atmosphere at Townsville Fire games.

Having volunteered with state league teams before (Flames & Heat), Bernie seamlessly transitioned to working with the national league team. When asked about his continued support for the Townsville Fire, Bernie emphasized the camaraderie among the game night crew and the pride of contributing to the team’s success.

As the game day MC, Bernie goes beyond announcing players and plays. He is the driving force behind the game day experience, engaging fans and ensuring everyone feels involved. Bernie’s ability to gauge the crowd’s energy has been crucial to the Townsville Fire’s success both on and off the court.


Some of the key highlights for Bernie over the years with the Fire, are the 4 championships, being there for Suzi Batkovic’s entire career with the fire (including her 2011 stint), being part of the 2020 COVID season and coming close to winning the whole thing and knowing that so many elite players have come to Townsville to play and ended up staying, raising families and coaching our future players.

As we celebrate National Volunteers Week, we honour Bernie Lanigan for his 23 years of unwavering dedication to the Townsville Fire. His voice has become an integral part of the Townsville Fire’s basketball experience. 


Here’s to Bernie Lanigan and all the volunteers who light up our communities with their selfless service.