December 23, 2023 | Townsville Fire news

Steph Reid will relish a special moment tomorrow night when she steps onto the court at the Fire Pit as Townsville’s captain. The point guard will stand in for Sami Whitcomb, with the regular skipper unavailable. She’s been given the game off and is in Perth spending some time with her newborn child. Coach Shannon Seebohm was more than happy to allow the veteran to head West for Christmas early, and praised her commitment during the side’s recent road trip.

“Obviously with the birth of her son and she played that triple road trip for us during that time, so we’ve allowed her to have a bit of extended time with her family.”

Jessica McDowell White will play more minutes, and the 23 year old believes she’s prepared the best way possible, for going head to head with some of the Boomers big names.

“I go up against Steph every single day at practice so I think that’s like the best preparation I can get and yeah just continuing to do that against the opposition.”

The guard will keep things simple offensively.

“Organising the team running the plays for certain people getting them the shots they need.”

The ladders leaders unrelenting efforts out of possession in recent performances has been an eye catching component of their 7 game winning streak. And the players are ready to muscle up against Melbourne with the coach calling on them to bring the physicality.

“They’re a big team across the board so I think it’s really important for us to do a great job rebounding the ball, containing the ball on the perimeter, keeping them out of the paint and guarding the post, I think will be key.”

Seebohm doubts complacency from his team will be an issue despite the visitors heading into the game on the back of 3 straight defeats. They led the league less than a month ago.

“I mean they’re a great team they started the season really well, they’ve had a couple of losses the last couple of rounds. They’ll be really desperate to come up here and get a win before Christmas.”

The contest tips off at 7.30pm Limited Tickets to clash are still available to purchase here