Celebrity Vs Past Fire Players Curtain Raiser

October 16, 2019 | Townsville Fire news

For the first time as part of this seasons game day we will see  a curtain-raiser to the main event – every home game

While there isn’t much more on offer than bragging rights, each home game will see a variety of different teams from within the local community be pitted against one another.

This Friday is no exception and pits Local Celebrities Vs Past Fire Players

Friday’s JCU Fire v Adelaide Lightning at Townsville Stadium wont be the only much anticipated basketball match of the weekend.

Tipping off at 6:00pm, the inaugural Celebrity Curtain Raiser match will precede the “big game”, although the big talk circulating from some players would suggest the night-s action will take place before the professional basketball kicks off!

With  former North Queensland Cowboys Player Glenn Hall and former Fire player and championship winning coach Claudia Brassard – as the celebrity and past players captains respectively, you would be forgiven for mistaking the “social” nature of the game, with serious bragging rights at stake.

With the final line ups to be confirmed just before kick off, and pending any late scratchings, the two Curtain Raiser teams are:

Mayor Jenny Hill
Glenn Hall
Matthew Bowen
Andrew Symonds
Karina Bennett
Brady Ellis
Peter Crawford
Brigadier Scott Winter


Past Fire Players Team

Tania Baxter
Claudia Brassard
Cherie Gallagher
Julia Duroux
Aneka Davis
Simone Page
Aroon Edgar
Ainsley Walsh
Rebecca Vanderjagt