Fire announce Mendi Mini Academy

November 22, 2019 | Townsville Fire news

The JCU Townsville Fire is are pleased to introduce the Mendi Mini Academy. The Academy has three main purposes:

  1. To provide leadership and pathways for young females
  2. To provide opportunities for young girls of all abilities to improve their basketball skills, and provide a well rounded experience by providing development and opportunity off the court just as much as on.
  3. Encouraging young girls to remain active, healthy and involved in team sports.

The Mendi Mini Academy will be headed by the JCU Townsville Fire’s former Captain Tania Baxter, Tania Baxter enjoyed a long and decorated career in the WNBL and 131 games for the Townsville Fire.She is also second all-time in assists (285) and hit more three-pointers than any player in club history after connecting on 180 triples during her seven seasons in Townsville.

About the Academy  ( 12-15years)

The Mendi Mini Academy is a multifaceted program..

It is designed for  junior players that are pursuing a pathway into the WNBL..  the program is for the  hard-working, dedicated junior players who are serious about their basketball, who have been identified as great team mates in their respective clubs, with a great attitude and work ethic. Each week will involve one session in which the juniors will receive support and mentorship towards their skills and game development along with a wide variety of off the court activity including leadership exercises at the Army Barracks, Sessions with the Fire’s nutritionist along with one on one mentorship with the QCHF Fire Academy players and the JCU Townsville Fire.

“We are proud to be continuing to develop our pathway programs at the Fire, We believe that it is incredibly important that we here at the Fire provide opportunities for our North Queensland junior females, that we provide strong healthy female role models and that we have a strong pathway for locals to be apart of the JCU Townsville Fire program, introducing the new Mendi Mini Acadmey is an important piece of the pathway program, to ensure that we are capturing the young girls at an age when they are deciding on their basketball direction and participation in team sports as they head into their teenage years.” General Manager Sam Pascoe Said.

“As a local Townsville business, The Mendi Group promote development initiatives for sport within this region.  Mendi are excited to commit to a partnership with the Townsville Fire. The Mendi Mini Academy initiative  allows a selection of young local talent to be educated by Fire staff and players with development and growth on and off the court.  This academy and its associated programs will allow young talent remain local.”  Tash and Jeff Doyle Mendi Group

We would like to congratulate the following girls on their selection to the Mendi Mini Academy.

Jade Corcoran
Brooke Dance
Courtney Doyle
Ashlee Farrell
Kiara Hill
Bonnie Hughes
Desirae Kris
Amber Sweeney
Zoe Tamarua
Ella Watson
Sierra Wilson
Joanessa Viliamu
Chanelle Marowki